The Rural Ottawa South Support Services strategic plan builds upon our strong local connections and the success of our emergence as a single organization providing a community of support services and programs to a broad rural area. The plan will guide the decision-making and actions of our employees and volunteers over the next five years as we capitalize on our organizational strengths and focus on the quality of our service people, partnership, and collaboration.  The success of this plan will ensure an effective response to the evolving needs of our rural communities. Below is a list of the goals and objectives that guide us over the next five years as we build upon our existing success.

Strategic Goal #1:  Create a community of care through the delivery of quality and responsive programs and services in the rural area. 

Strategic Objectives:

  • Be the leader in quality rural program and service delivery.
  • Seek out opportunities to build on and leverage existing areas of expertise to provide other services to new client groups in rural communities.
  • Explore and implement new and innovative approaches for program delivery
  • Become accredited as a provider of quality, community care services.

Strategic Goal #2:  Establish an integrated community services and health support network within the broader rural community.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Identify elements of a broad rural integrated community services and health support network and initiate development of new programs and services.
  • Secure new partnerships and strategic alliances to meet the needs of a broader rural service network.
  • Apply innovative and flexible approaches to leverage new funding to diversify the funding base to support new and existing programs.

Strategic Goal #3:  Develop the organizational capacity to support/enable the establishment of an integrated rural community and health support network.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Develop a strong board of directors with the expertise to support the strategic direction for ROSSS.
  • Create a culture that changes the public image of ROSSS and reflects the new direction of the organization.
  • Build the organizational knowledge and experience that supports existing and new programs and services.