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Part II - (6 Hours $20.00)

Passenger Safety, Vehicle Safety and Customer Service Excellence topics are covered to help drivers of community support services get their passengers from A to B comfortably and safely.

Passenger Safety (4 Hours) - Drivers need to be able to provide assistance in a courteous, knowledgable way and possess the necessary skills to work with all types of passengers. 

Vehicle Safety (1 Hour) - A vehicle that is in good running order is safer, more responsive and gives a comfortable ride.

Customer Service Excellence (1 Hour) - The foundations of strong customer service and essential skills required to work through challenging customer issues.


**Part I and II are to be completed within 6 months of each other and can be done in any order. Registration is first-come-first serve so consider registering for both parts at the same time.**


NEXT TRAINING: February 26, 2017 9AM - 4PM (1128 Mill St. Manotick, ON)

Other Training Dates - March 23