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Dementia Supports

You don’t have to be alone, you don’t have to be isolated, you don’t have to be in the dark. Here are some fantastic supports to help you and your loved ones through the challenges of dementia.

Between Us is focused on Early Onset Dementia- Facebook group for support, questions and social activities every other month. It is a great resource to reduce isolation and gain useful tips and information.

You don’t have to be in the dark through the journey of dementia, there are resources and groups that can help!

You don’t have to be in the dark through the journey of dementia, there are resources and groups that can help!

Canadians Living with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)


Canadians living with Frontotemporal Dementia  (FTD) and their caregivers living with a loved one with FTD. Sharing resources, information, innovative ideas, research opportunities in Canada and possibly, in the future, establish networks in various communities and organise events in Canada.

This CLOSED Facebook group is for Canadians living with FTD, and/or their caregivers. 

Provided below are some other beneficial programs for seniors and adults with disabilities that are available in rural Ottawa South but not provided directly by ROSSS. 


Richmond Village Eye Care Centre

At Richmond Optometry, Dr. Hale conducts eye examinations, fits contact lenses and sells quality eyewear.

In addition, she co-manages patients who have had cataract and laser eye surgery and has a special interest in assisting patients with vision loss with visual aids and rehabilitation.

Richmond Optometry also participates in the Eye See Eye Learn program which offers every child in Junior Kindergarten in Ontario who needs glasses one free pair of glasses.

Contact Richmond Village Eye Care Centre for more information, 


Best at Home
Best at Home realizes the value of “Home Sweet Home”
We take the time to listen to your individual needs. Give us that “To Do List”, that you’ve been putting off, and you and your loved ones will finally be able to relax and have peace of mind!

We guarantee professional service with over 30 years of experience! We have built up a team of trustworthy and reliable individuals that you can always count on.

For a complete list of services offered please visit us online, email us at, or call us 613-324-9392.  We're also on Facebook

Clear Ottawa Windows
Clear Ottawa Windows is more than just window cleaners.  From windows to siding, fences, decks they have you covered.  Clear Ottawa Windows can also clean your roof from staining, they offer post construction cleaning and snow removal. 

For more information visit them online or give them a call at 613-262-4647.

Snow Go and Snow Go Assist
ROSSS administers the City of Ottawa Snow Go and Snow Go Assist programs for rural Ottawa South. Snow-Go offers free assistance in finding individuals or contractors to clear snow from private driveways and/or walkways. Snow-Go Assist provides financial assistance in the form of reimbursement of a portion of snow removal costs for eligible clients. To qualify, clients must complete an application form, provide proof of income and a signed snow removal contract. For information, please contact the Manotick office at 613-692-4697 or the Metcalfe office at 613-821-1101.


Law Office of Kathleen Robichaud

We provide a wide range of legal services including wills, powers of attorney, estate administration, incorporation, business agreements, and sale/purchase of property. 

To learn more visit or call 613-692-1020