Transportation Services

Transportation is a necessity and a particular challenge for those living in rural settings. 

ROSSS’ transportation program helps remove challenges and barriers to getting around, to wherever that may be: medical, personal, social or basic shopping. We employ screened volunteers and paid drivers to help you reach your destination locally or in the urban centre. We also offer shopping buses to urban and local shopping centres from various pick-up points throughout the rural south area, including Metcalfe, Greely, Osgoode, Manotick and North Gower.  

Please call ROSSS at 613-692-4697 for all your transportation needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to use ROSSS Transportation Services?

Seniors and adults with physical disability who can manage the trip independently, or with minimal assistance, and whose rural transportation options are limited. Eligible individuals must:

  1. Live in our area of service and need transportation to:

    • Medical appointments (advance notice of 7 days required).

    • Medical appointments in which you must have someone accompany you home in order to be released.

    • Adult Day Programs.

    • Visit loved ones in hospital, in long term or palliative care.

    • Participate in ROSSS social and recreation programs such as Cultured Purls, exercise, Ladies Tea Talks, and other seasonal programs, day trips/adventures.

    • Essential services such as the City of Ottawa Service Centre, Ottawa Public Library, groceries, pharmacy on Senior's Day and the shopping mall.

  2. Be registered as a client of ROSSS. There is no charge to register as a client. Please keep in mind, if a client has dementia, we may require that an escort go with them.

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2. How much does it cost for a drive?

Fees are calculated on based on a round trip mileage, originating from and returning to the client’s home. Clients are billed month

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3. What if I only need a one-way drive?

We do provide one-way drives, however the cost for the drive will still be calculated as a round trip in order to cover the cost of the driver's mileage.

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4. What if my appointment is several hours in length?

If your appointment is scheduled for 2 hours or longer, the drive will be noted as 2 separate, round-trip transports and applied to the bill accordingly.

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5. How much notice does ROSSS require for transportation requests?

All rides must be booked in advance. The more notice we have the greater the chance we will be able to accommodate your needs. We recommend 7 days' notice or more. However, 72 hours is the minimum notice required and there is no guarantee a ride can be provided.

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6. Can I bring my caregiver with me?

Yes. Your caregiver may accompany you at no extra cost.

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7. Do you provide transportation for clients in wheelchairs??

If the client is able to transfer independently from the wheelchair into the vehicle, they may travel in one of our ROSSS vans. If the client cannot transfer independently there are other options available. Please contact our offices directly, at 613-692-4697 for more information.

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8. What rural transportation options currently exist for clients in wheelchairs?

For travel from one rural area to another rural area, call ROSSS directly at 613-692-4697. A member of our office staff will assist you accordingly. Rural clients travelling to urban destinations in Ottawa may access Para Transpo. Para Transpo is a door-to-door transportation service for persons with permanent or short-term disabilities. To access Para Transpo services, visit their website at for additional details. Please note, Para Transpo services is available only between rural and urban destinations in the City of Ottawa.

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9. How do I know who will be driving me and what time I will be picked up?

All of ROSSS' drivers are screened, reliable, and can be identified by their name badge and vehicle.

Upon booking your ride, we will work to find a driver you are comfortable with. When the ride is booked with a driver, we will call you with the driver's name, the pickup time, and further details you may require.

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10. Will there be other people in the van or car?

In order to efficiently accommodate our clients' and drivers' schedules, sometimes of our clients may need to share a vehicles during transportation. This is generally the case for our group programs where participants are picked up along predetermined routes/times. We always inform our clients at the time of their transportation booking, if this will occur.

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11. Will the driver provide assistance for me?

Our drivers are very helpful and accommodating. They are there to provide minimal assistance such as an arm to hold, verbal coaching and/or putting walkers into the vehicle.

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12. Will the driver escort me to my appointment?

Yes. Just let us know at the time of your booking that you would like to be escorted and our drivers will be ready to assist you.

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13. What if I need to cancel my drive?

To avoid a cancellation charge, cancellations must be made 24 business hours in advance, or on a Friday for all transportation being provided on the following Monday. In the case of a statutory, civic holiday and Family Day closures, advance 24 business-hours’ notice is required. If the office is closed, leave a detailed message including your name, the date, and the time of the scheduled drive to be cancelled.

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14. What if the weather is bad?

Clients are encouraged to remain informed of approaching weather conditions, such as freezing rain or snow storms, which could result in a cancellation of their drive. Listen to the radio. If the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) cancels their school buses because of winter weather conditions, all ROSSS programs and all scheduled drives through the transportation program will also be cancelled. In addition to the OCDSB cancellation policy, ROSSS reserves the right to cancel programs at any time using the following as general guidelines in the decision making process:

  • Snow storms with an expected accumulation of 15 cm or ore of snow within a short period of time, thereby not providing sufficient time for the City of Ottawa to clear roads, and sidewalks of snow, or clients time to clear their driveways.

  • Freezing rain/ice storms

  • Public health risks, such as influenza outbreak, extremely poor air quality, or extreme heat.

  • Our volunteer drivers also reserve the right to cancel drives in any weather situations that they feel may pose a danger to themselves or their client.

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15. How do I reach the Transportation department at ROSSS?

ROSSS-registered transportation clients can make their transportation requests by calling 613-692-4697


16. How do I register myself to receive more information?

To register or for more information about any of our programs, PRESS #241 to reach a Client Liaison, otherwise ask to register with our Client Liaison.

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17. How can I apply to be a volunteer with ROSSS?

To volunteer please apply through Volunteer Services or call 613-692-4697.

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